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Year of the Monkey Begins February 8, 2016

2016 AZ Chinese New Year Festival in Tucson

Last week I attended the 2016 AZ Chinese New Year Festival at U of A’s Centennial Hall. It was a beautifully choreographed program with dancers, singers in choirs and a few solos. The martial arts and sword-work were incorporated in some of the dances too. It was a nice experience to see the Tucson Girls Chorus, the Tucson Sino Choir and various Tucson Chinese Schools involved in the performances, along with individual performers from China. (Beyond the program, it was a reminder for me about the history of Chinese immigrants to our country in the late 1870’s.)

If you were unable to celebrate at last week’s festival, know the “Year of the Monkey” continues through to January 27, 2017! I never really understood the Chinese Zodiac signs, except to say my birthdate fell in the “Year of the Dragon” and not sure it is representative of me. Anyway, our tai chi instructor has been teaching us various animal moves and the monkey is the ninth animal in the cycle, so we will probably practice it many times!

Will you be looking for a time or reason to celebrate this year? Keep this one in your back pocket and when ready to celebrate, do so! You have plenty of time to enjoy the Chinese New Year!