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2016: To Be A Very Good Year!

Just when I was beginning to wonder what was happening a half world away from me with Kyila’s students/children at Kiki’s Kids, I received an email from her. Finally the new location of her program will move from Shigatse to Lhasa in this next year when students return to school after the holidays. Yeah!

How exciting that will be for everyone, especially since the big city will provide some benefits, such as: closer to medical care, access to farmers with greenhouses and thus fresher food, closer to the airport when needing to get special surgeries for eye care or whatever in Beijing or Shanghai, and more activities for the young people.

2016, looks to be with a bright start for Kiki’s Kids. When I know more, you’ll know more! Happy Holidays!



Did You See This at the ATM?

I will be the first to admit there are times when both my eyes are wide open, yet I do not always see all there is at a particular place in time. How many times have I used an ATM and not noticed this?



I am almost embarrassed to state … not only did I not take notice to where the headphones can be plugged into the ATM, but also there is Braille so the blind or visually-impaired person can read the information! Amazing observation today… where have I been?

I guess in some small way this is a reminder to me to be more observant of the world around me. Also, to be appreciative of the technology available to people in need. I do believe the American Disabilities Act has helped shape environments to be more available for all people. Now too, I may take greater notice!

Medical Help for Deaf-Blind Child?

One of Kyila’s children at Kiki’s Kids, Wangmo, is a deaf-blind girl. After being taken to a military hospital this past February and the support of another organization, there may be a chance for her to hear and speak…..so…..in May she will be checked at a medical center in Beijing. Let’s hope for the best!

Aren’t you glad you are supporting Kyila’s efforts? Please help however you can. Thanks!

Wang mo

Future Move for Kiki’s Kids!

When one is in need of emergency medical help, the closer and faster to medical help is always desired.  For individuals with major medical needs, the best place to be is as close to a medical center as possible, and to one that has doctors with specialized skills.

Kiki’s Kids is currently in Shigatse, hours away from Lhasa. When a medical emergency does happen, Kyila notifies her staff to have a driver drive her and the child to a clinic in Shigatse. Unfortunately her children often need medical services of a larger hospital, such as in Lhasa a longer drive away. In some instances, it is even necessary for the child and Kyila to fly to Beijing or Shanghai for the medical help.

This July 2014, Kiki’s Kids will be moving to a renovated monastery in Lhasa. It will certainly be a shorter drive to receive medical help at a larger medical center. In some ways I think this new move could be a comforting thought for the staff at Kiki’s Kids as they continue their care of the children. Hopefully they are not holding their breath on the renovation part…as we all know….no renovations happen on the timeline a contractor predicts. Wish them luck!


Kyila Travels to Remote Area of Tibet

I wish I could tell you that every child Kyila meets will be able to attend Kiki’s Kids. During Kyila’s winter holiday she did meet a family with 2 blind children. They are totally blind and cannot walk. Their parents carry them to the bathroom when needed. Unfortunately they had become physically handicapped because they had always been sitting in one place.

Kyila found the parents really nice. Although they are poor people, they told Kyila they would sell everything they had to get their children to a better hospital, if it helped. However, they have difficulty understanding the value of an education at Kiki’s Kids for the younger child and at the Center for the Blind for the older, 13 year old, child. The younger child would necessitate lots of time and patience from the staff at Kiki’s Kids because she would need to be trained to walk and lots of exercises for her hands, along with the usual basic training provided in Kyila’s program.

Time will tell what the family decides for their children; they are on Kyila’s radar to follow-through on what they decide.

Want to help Kyila? You can with a donation at Global Roots. Please specify it for the Home and Garden for Blind Tibetan Children (Kyila’s Kiki’s Kids) so the donation you give goes to her work.

Thank you!

Two New Students Arrive!

During Kyila’s winter holiday she visited some remote areas of Tibet.       (When I looked beyond the city of Lhasa, everything looked remote to me! The drive to the airport is like going to the countryside. We are so accustomed to metropolitan areas surrounded by suburbs, that remote is not till we are in the middle of a desert, grassland or forest in the USA!) Kyila’s goal is always to meet families that have any blind children and to encourage them to enroll their child in an educational program.

Two new students had families interested in their child’s attendance at Kiki’s Kids. Let me introduce you to them:

Yishi is a 5 year old girl who can see only a small amount from one eye. She had attended her local kindergarten; however, she was left out of all the activities the other students were enjoying. As a result, she hated school and is now enjoying the supportive environment she has discovered at Kiki’s Kids. Her parents made a wonderful choice for their girl!

Drolma is a 3 year old girl who has very little vision in both eyes. She comes from Kyila’s hometown of Lhatse, near the north side of Mount Everest. She is getting along with everyone at Kiki’s Kids. She is an active child – singing, dancing- with everyone calling her the “best dancer”.

two new kids

Let’s Not Forget: Sabriye Tenberken

I want to take this moment to recall the creation of the Center for the Blind.  Kyila attended this school in Lhasa so many years ago as a 12 year old. The center was begun by Sabriye Tenberken. I have never met her, but I can only imagine her as a tour de force!

Her book, My Path Leads to Tibet, is worth reading. Kyila is mentioned in the book because she was one of the students attending the center and surely has benefitted from knowing Sabriye and, her co-founder of Braille Without Border’s partner, Paul Kronenberg.

Sabriye guided Kyila in her formative years and as all educators/mentors we never really know what impact is being made upon a young person’s mind …. but Sabriye did help create another tour de force. Kyila has built on Sabriye’s creation with her program: Kiki’s Kids. Kyila’s students learn daily basic skills, English, Tibetan, Braille, etc. to be ready and successful when they do attend the Center for the Blind.

Educators and mentors unite!

Help another young person whenever you can!

The rest of the world will appreciate it!