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Work Continues & Thanks!

Kyila, founder of Kiki’s Kids, continues to work on providing an educational program for her children at the kindergarten now located in Lhasa. It’s freezing cold weather there right now, but goals remain true as they were from the start. Recently she received a new computer and Kyila wishes to thank the donor.

In this never-ending quest to keep abreast of what’s happening with the students at Kiki’s Kids through Kyila’s communication, the computer is a huge value and tool! Thanks!

If you do not know about Kiki’s Kids, then look through previous blog posts and discover what a huge amount of time and energy has gone into the creation and continued work of all involved with Kiki’s Kids. You can support the work also through Kiki’s Kids and Global Roots.


2016: To Be A Very Good Year!

Just when I was beginning to wonder what was happening a half world away from me with Kyila’s students/children at Kiki’s Kids, I received an email from her. Finally the new location of her program will move from Shigatse to Lhasa in this next year when students return to school after the holidays. Yeah!

How exciting that will be for everyone, especially since the big city will provide some benefits, such as: closer to medical care, access to farmers with greenhouses and thus fresher food, closer to the airport when needing to get special surgeries for eye care or whatever in Beijing or Shanghai, and more activities for the young people.

2016, looks to be with a bright start for Kiki’s Kids. When I know more, you’ll know more! Happy Holidays!


Blind Woman Has Vision of Future

The title of today’s blog post is the same title as the China Daily newspaper article written about Kyila’s work. Please check out the article by simply “googling” that title so you can read the newspaper article too!

I continue to respect all Kyila accomplishes as a blind individual having the first “blind massage” center and “kindergarten for visually impaired children”. The newspaper article provides an excellent overview of all that Kyila has worked on these past 12 years.

Want to know more about Kyila’s work? Please check out Kiki’s Kids by clicking Learn more about the kindergarten for the blind!.


Donation Time … Before Years End … Thank You!

I could talk about Kiki’s Kids, the kindergarten for blind and sighted 3- 5 year olds in Tibet, for as long as you wish. I feel very positive about all that Kyila as founder/director is accomplishing. However, the bottom-line is that monetary funds need to be raised each year through a variety of sources so the kindergarten can continue. Thanks to Global Roots, and your donations there specifically for the Tibetan project, monies will help Kyila move her Kiki’s Kids kindergarten to Lhasa and fund operating expenses for another year.

I think long and hard about Kiki’s Kids. This is a program where these young children are not able to make beaded necklaces for their program to then sell. There is no way for these children to fundraise for themselves. Instead it is from the help from people like you and me who donate our monies so Kyila can provide these 3- 5 year olds with a safe, healthy, educational place. Otherwise, these children would be at their home hours away from such support, and with parents who would not know what to do with them, or worse yet believe the child was purposely made blind by something their child did in a previous life.

Kyila continues to work to educate parents, care for the young children, and provide work opportunities for her staff. She needs our support. Please donate to Global Roots and specify your donation for the Tibetan work of Kiki’s Kids. You will notice that they ask you to email them if you want your contribution applied to a certain project …. please do… simply so your donation goes to Tibetan Kiki’s Kids …. and also to tell them how you heard about Kiki’s Kids … just say “Mary’s blog”.

Click here to donate to Global Roots before our tax year is over, especially if you wish a tax-deductible donation. Clicking at that spot, “here” above, will bring you right to Global Roots page…and then email Rick when you are done at rick@globalroots.org to specify use of your donation and where you heard this all from. Thank you …. and on behalf of Kyila and her children at the kindergarten…thank you.


A Blind Person Can Play Tennis!?! How can this happen?

Today I was reminding one of my friends that tennis is a lifetime sport … and it can be for everyone! When instructing individuals on his/her tennis game, I have incorporated adaptations necessary for youth, for wheelchair athletes, for beginners, or whoever is in need of an adaptation … and someday I may have a chance to teach one of Kiki’s Kids to play tennis in Tibet, even though they may be blind, visually impaired or sighted! Right now they are learning during their kindergarten year how to interact with people of various vision differences in their sport activities and movement, use of educational materials, and completion of daily living activities. Why not with a game of tennis?

How can this happen? Specific equipment is needed: sound-adapted foam ball, lower net, smaller racquets, and raised lines … similar to what we’ve already done for other adapted activities. And, dependent on the severity of the individual’s visual impairment the ball can bounce three times on their court-side. Sighted and blind young people could easily interact and play together in this sport…and for all a great deal of patience would absolutely be needed! There is no chance to quickly “see” the ball for a blind person, yet he/she can do it with practice.

How can this happen? Apparently, according to the scientists, a blind person can process, and thus perceive, the ball in space by their use of other senses. I always remember hearing when one loses one sense others will be sharper, and this is the case for blind people….yet practice is needed to sharpen them through their normal growing years and, also as with all of us, the continued tennis practicing time….thus lifetime sport!

So, in 1984, thanks to a blind Japanese teenager, Miyoshi Takei, the opportunity for blind people to use a sound-adapted tennis ball began and we may someday see this as a sport in the Paralympic Games. And, even if not at that level of play, it can be at a community tennis court near or far from you!

Additional note: August 2014, thanks to donors, like you, three boxes of educational books, and sporting and camping equipment was received at Kiki’s Kids. All of it was greatly appreciated! I do not know of any tennis court when I was in Lhasa, but who knows, we may someday use an open parking lot, set up the nets, put down the raised-lines and have the start of a tennis lesson!

Your continued donations to Global Roots is always appreciated. Any questions, do not hesitate to ask me. Great work is being done with these young people in Tibet.


World Kindness Day – November 13

Let’s be clear… in my opinion, every day should truly be “World Kindness Day”. But given the fact it is not, today is the designated day to be kind. What does that look like? Maybe it is a time when one is not hard on his or herself; when not critical of another person; when we go with the flow and support another’s good efforts. There are many ways to be kind. I believe we know the ways, but need to take time to be kind. That is probably what this day is to remind us.

I think the people who are most kind are the ones who “Love Life.” Awhile ago I saw this message in a sort of crazy place, so I took the picture never knowing when I would ever use it. Today is the day. People who love life, I believe are kind people most the time. Do you love life? Are you a kind person? It’s time to act with kindness … Namaste!

Be kind ...
Be kind …

PS. Each day Kyila and her staff are providing much kindness to the children at Kiki’s Kids in Tibet, China. If you wish to support her work, please donate, and specify your donation to Kiki’s Kids, at Global Roots. Click here to do so. Appreciate your generosity!

Out of Sight, Out of Mind … Means What?

Recently I was wondering about the saying, “out of sight, out of mind”. We hear it in a variety of situations, but I was wondering about it in two different ways: what it means for a sighted person and for a blind person. My restless, “monkey mind” often travels along tangents, so I continued to think about this.

As a sighted person, the idea is that the something or someone is not seen; therefore, easy to forget the thing or someone. Or in not hearing from the person, one stops thinking about them. Apparently this “in mind” remembrance, “out of mind” forgotten notion dates back to the 13th Century. Sometimes I wish I had this ability for many occasions. Unfortunately, not all things out of my sight, or faraway, are out of my mind. This can be a personal dilemma at times as some things then weigh upon my heart longer than if they were truly “out of sight” and “out of mind”. But that’s me, or maybe you too?

For a blind person, obviously sight is replaced by ones hearing from another on a regular or daily basis, and thus “in mind”. If the blind person does not hear from another for a period of time, then they may stop thinking about another. I wonder too if there is another sense in action, such as feeling one’s presence while talking with the person, despite not “seeing” the individual. I believe we all give off vibes and I suspect a blind person may feel them better than sighted people…someone can tell me yes or no about this.

I think what truly prompted all of this in my mind was the fact my basic and only communication with Kyila, founder of Kiki’s Kids, is by email. It is much more work for here to set-up and connect her computer, listen to my email message, and then for her to respond to me. I always wondered what the computer – generated voice sounded like on her end as she heard my message. Often I have wished I could simply run down the road to talk with her, but that will never happen … it is a long, long road to Tibet!

Well, even though Kyila and her children are out of sight, they are not out of my mind. My heart will continue to feel for her efforts in providing an education for her children at Kiki’s Kids for as long as she pursues her dream. That was my promise to her even as I am always miles away from seeing it all first-hand. Via this blog, I will keep other interested people informed too. Thanks for your interest and support.