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Work Continues & Thanks!

Kyila, founder of Kiki’s Kids, continues to work on providing an educational program for her children at the kindergarten now located in Lhasa. It’s freezing cold weather there right now, but goals remain true as they were from the start. Recently she received a new computer and Kyila wishes to thank the donor.

In this never-ending quest to keep abreast of what’s happening with the students at Kiki’s Kids through Kyila’s communication, the computer is a huge value and tool! Thanks!

If you do not know about Kiki’s Kids, then look through previous blog posts and discover what a huge amount of time and energy has gone into the creation and continued work of all involved with Kiki’s Kids. You can support the work also through Kiki’s Kids and Global Roots.


2016: To Be A Very Good Year!

Just when I was beginning to wonder what was happening a half world away from me with Kyila’s students/children at Kiki’s Kids, I received an email from her. Finally the new location of her program will move from Shigatse to Lhasa in this next year when students return to school after the holidays. Yeah!

How exciting that will be for everyone, especially since the big city will provide some benefits, such as: closer to medical care, access to farmers with greenhouses and thus fresher food, closer to the airport when needing to get special surgeries for eye care or whatever in Beijing or Shanghai, and more activities for the young people.

2016, looks to be with a bright start for Kiki’s Kids. When I know more, you’ll know more! Happy Holidays!


Did You See This at the ATM?

I will be the first to admit there are times when both my eyes are wide open, yet I do not always see all there is at a particular place in time. How many times have I used an ATM and not noticed this?



I am almost embarrassed to state … not only did I not take notice to where the headphones can be plugged into the ATM, but also there is Braille so the blind or visually-impaired person can read the information! Amazing observation today… where have I been?

I guess in some small way this is a reminder to me to be more observant of the world around me. Also, to be appreciative of the technology available to people in need. I do believe the American Disabilities Act has helped shape environments to be more available for all people. Now too, I may take greater notice!

Kyila to be Tenting in Tibet?

Tibet is a huge area and is on the largest plateau on planet Earth! There are many miles between villages and lakes, with few roads between. It is a simple beauty one sees when traveling here.


I know this from my travel in Tibet.  With driver and guide, I saw this beautiful Yamdrok Lake, one of the three holy lakes. It’s surface water is at 14,570 feet. Yes, you can feel the altitude when you hike in this area. There were young girls in the area too. Immediately, I saw limited housing, no sunglasses being worn by either girl, and although it was a school day, they were out here holding this young child who wore no hat or eye protection.




When one is out in this clear air and sunshine, especially at this altitude, it is most important to protective your eyes. Thus Kyila, Founder/Director of Kiki’s Kids plans to reach out to families in the remote areas of Tibet.

Kyila actually grew up on the north side of Mount Everest in Tibet, and knows there are many miles between her hometown and Lhasa. As a result, she plans to travel around Tibet, meet families and provide training on the importance of children receiving an education….all children, blind and sighted!

She will camp with tent and sleeping bag so she can travel more distances, meet more families and not need to look for overnight accommodations. Later this year we will have a tent and sleeping bag on its way to Kyila! Helping her get her message out is most important, especially for the young children who will benefit from an education.

If you wish to help, please read the “About the Author” or “Become Involved” page to learn how you can help! Thanks.


Educating All About Importance of Education

Across this planet, we all need to understand the importance of education. From the moment a baby enters the world his/her brain cells are actively trying to comprehend what is around them. We need to keep stimulating that curiosity. There should never be a reason to deny a child the opportunity to become aware of what is around them … to be learned through interactions with people, their environment, and/or educational materials.

I understand parents have lots to do each day. But truly, on the top of their list should be the education of their child(ren).  These individuals may be their best help when they age and need assistance, so why not have the most intelligent children to help them in their future?

Kyila, Director/founder of Kiki’s Kids, often discovers parents with blind youth frustrated by the additional care they need to put forth for their blind child. They love their child, so the parents become overly protective and keep their child safe at home, sheltered from the rest of the world. The parents are hesitant to have their child explore newness. They worry about their child in an educational environment so many hours away from their home. They do not understand why an education is important for their child … they may or may not have received an education themselves. Why then should it be important for their child to receive an education?

As a future task, Kyila will begin parent education training. In this way parents may begin to understand the importance of an education for their child(ren).  Kiki Kids is one-of-a-kind program for 3 – 5 year old children who are blind and some are sighted too. Kyila’s goal is for blind and sighted children to realize they can learn and work together. This integrated approach squashes the age-old belief that blind individuals had done something horrific in their previous life and are now being punished. Instead, they ALL learn together and work to be successful.

This past year I read the book, I Am Malala. Why do we have to fight so hard for education around the world … for girls, for the blind, for the poor, for the needy? Knowledge is power. All individuals, young and old, need to receive an education to make a better world for everyone! What a concept … and it is one we can put into reality … please, support all organizations that do so!



Donations Still Being Accepted

This year, after 2 years of success for Kyila, Director/Founder of Kiki’s Kids, I am asking for your help to send a special package of reading materials and toys to the children at the pre-school educational program that will move this summer to Lhasa, Tibet, China. Donations are still being accepted. To know how to donate, please read the “About the Author” page or the “Become Involved” page. All donations are appreciated.

Thank you!

Become a Follower of this Blog…here’s why?

In a remote part of the world a young lady is working with blind, 3-5 year old children. These children had no opportunity to receive an education till now. In Tibet, people believed blind people  had done something horrible in their previous life, and are now being punished in their current life …. thus now blind.

The young lady, Kyila, helping these young children, is also blind. She knows the importance of education and starting an educational program very early in a child’s life. Education makes all the difference in any child’s life; and she is taking her energies to help those often forgotten in her country.

Become a follower of this blog and you will be aware of the work being accomplished by this hard-working woman in the faraway place of Tibet. I met her, Kyila. She is worthy of your attention. It is difficult to have others aware of her work, but you will be aware as I keep you abreast of her accomplishments. And I would appreciate you spreading the word about what she is accomplishing. She is my CNN Hero, yet will probably never ever be recognized by CNN…. but I want her recognized by you! …and others! So let’s spread the word!

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