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Work Continues & Thanks!

Kyila, founder of Kiki’s Kids, continues to work on providing an educational program for her children at the kindergarten now located in Lhasa. It’s freezing cold weather there right now, but goals remain true as they were from the start. Recently she received a new computer and Kyila wishes to thank the donor.

In this never-ending quest to keep abreast of what’s happening with the students at Kiki’s Kids through Kyila’s communication, the computer is a huge value and tool! Thanks!

If you do not know about Kiki’s Kids, then look through previous blog posts and discover what a huge amount of time and energy has gone into the creation and continued work of all involved with Kiki’s Kids. You can support the work also through Kiki’s Kids and Global Roots.


Donation Time … Before Years End … Thank You!

I could talk about Kiki’s Kids, the kindergarten for blind and sighted 3- 5 year olds in Tibet, for as long as you wish. I feel very positive about all that Kyila as founder/director is accomplishing. However, the bottom-line is that monetary funds need to be raised each year through a variety of sources so the kindergarten can continue. Thanks to Global Roots, and your donations there specifically for the Tibetan project, monies will help Kyila move her Kiki’s Kids kindergarten to Lhasa and fund operating expenses for another year.

I think long and hard about Kiki’s Kids. This is a program where these young children are not able to make beaded necklaces for their program to then sell. There is no way for these children to fundraise for themselves. Instead it is from the help from people like you and me who donate our monies so Kyila can provide these 3- 5 year olds with a safe, healthy, educational place. Otherwise, these children would be at their home hours away from such support, and with parents who would not know what to do with them, or worse yet believe the child was purposely made blind by something their child did in a previous life.

Kyila continues to work to educate parents, care for the young children, and provide work opportunities for her staff. She needs our support. Please donate to Global Roots and specify your donation for the Tibetan work of Kiki’s Kids. You will notice that they ask you to email them if you want your contribution applied to a certain project …. please do… simply so your donation goes to Tibetan Kiki’s Kids …. and also to tell them how you heard about Kiki’s Kids … just say “Mary’s blog”.

Click here to donate to Global Roots before our tax year is over, especially if you wish a tax-deductible donation. Clicking at that spot, “here” above, will bring you right to Global Roots page…and then email Rick when you are done at rick@globalroots.org to specify use of your donation and where you heard this all from. Thank you …. and on behalf of Kyila and her children at the kindergarten…thank you.