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2016: To Be A Very Good Year!

Just when I was beginning to wonder what was happening a half world away from me with Kyila’s students/children at Kiki’s Kids, I received an email from her. Finally the new location of her program will move from Shigatse to Lhasa in this next year when students return to school after the holidays. Yeah!

How exciting that will be for everyone, especially since the big city will provide some benefits, such as: closer to medical care, access to farmers with greenhouses and thus fresher food, closer to the airport when needing to get special surgeries for eye care or whatever in Beijing or Shanghai, and more activities for the young people.

2016, looks to be with a bright start for Kiki’s Kids. When I know more, you’ll know more! Happy Holidays!



Blind Woman Has Vision of Future

The title of today’s blog post is the same title as the China Daily newspaper article written about Kyila’s work. Please check out the article by simply “googling” that title so you can read the newspaper article too!

I continue to respect all Kyila accomplishes as a blind individual having the first “blind massage” center and “kindergarten for visually impaired children”. The newspaper article provides an excellent overview of all that Kyila has worked on these past 12 years.

Want to know more about Kyila’s work? Please check out Kiki’s Kids by clicking Learn more about the kindergarten for the blind!.


Beep Baseball for the Blind & Others To Play

You might have seen this television program recently: a story about blind or visually-impaired people and sighted people playing beep baseball. We had included a beeping, foam, ball in our donations to Kiki’s Kids so I was especially intrigued to see this game being played on television.

The only sighted person on a team is the pitcher and the pitcher pitches the ball to his/her own batter. Thus they will have practiced and have a sense of timing for the batter to swing at the ball. The beeping sound announces the speed and location of the ball. Once the ball is hit, a random beep indicates which base the batter is to run towards. There are only two bases: first and third. The batter needs to get to the base before the person catches or stops the ball. All players other than the pitcher wear blindfolds to assure everyone not being able to see. Everyone’s ears become their eyes. As you can understand, these rules are adapted for blind players, with the bases comprised of padded pylon posts.

There are at least two dozen teams in the USA and Taiwan. As with regular baseball, there is a sense of camaraderie among the players, trusting relationships are established, and as always among athletes … a favorite thing: to win the game!

Thanks for your support in helping Kiki’s Kids. Please continue to do so by donating to Global Roots, and indicate your donation is for Kiki’s Kids. Time to play ball?


Kyila to be Tenting in Tibet?

Tibet is a huge area and is on the largest plateau on planet Earth! There are many miles between villages and lakes, with few roads between. It is a simple beauty one sees when traveling here.


I know this from my travel in Tibet.  With driver and guide, I saw this beautiful Yamdrok Lake, one of the three holy lakes. It’s surface water is at 14,570 feet. Yes, you can feel the altitude when you hike in this area. There were young girls in the area too. Immediately, I saw limited housing, no sunglasses being worn by either girl, and although it was a school day, they were out here holding this young child who wore no hat or eye protection.




When one is out in this clear air and sunshine, especially at this altitude, it is most important to protective your eyes. Thus Kyila, Founder/Director of Kiki’s Kids plans to reach out to families in the remote areas of Tibet.

Kyila actually grew up on the north side of Mount Everest in Tibet, and knows there are many miles between her hometown and Lhasa. As a result, she plans to travel around Tibet, meet families and provide training on the importance of children receiving an education….all children, blind and sighted!

She will camp with tent and sleeping bag so she can travel more distances, meet more families and not need to look for overnight accommodations. Later this year we will have a tent and sleeping bag on its way to Kyila! Helping her get her message out is most important, especially for the young children who will benefit from an education.

If you wish to help, please read the “About the Author” or “Become Involved” page to learn how you can help! Thanks.