Kiki Kids Update! New Location!

Kyila last wrote to me that the children at Kiki’s Kids have moved to Lhasa!

Here is Kyila’s note: This plan has been 3 years in the making and now the dream has been realized. Kiki’s Kindergarten is in Lhasa! We would like to thank Shanghai Yufosi, Tibet Disabled Persons Federation, and Ms. Xue for their wonderful support! Kiki’s Kindergarten is now located in a big compound not far from the city center. All the furniture is new, donated through friends in China. All the beds are specially customized for the children. Thanks to all the supporters of Kiki who made this dream possible! It is a little paradise for the children! With our new place comes a new start! Kiki’s Kindergarten looks forward to working with you all and making this project even more successful! Kiki’s Kindergarten.



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