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Kiki’s Kids is No Longer in Action!:(

Dear friends and supporters of Kiki’s kindergarten,

Greetings from the roof of the world! How are you all in every corner of the world?

Today i am writing this mail to let you know that Kiki’s kindergarten does not exist anymore.

In April 2017 we officially got a message that Kiki’s Kindergarten cannot keep running because we did not have the right papers. I have been trying so hard to get registered in all these 7 years but somehow it did not workout…

I tried everything what i can because you all know that this project was my everything!

It was my life…

All the kids are now in different special schools and they are doing okay! Well at least i am happy that they can go to school… So i am very thankful for the government for their support!

So on behalf of all the kids and our team I would like to thank each and every one of you for your wonderful support and thanks helping me to made this project success even though there were lots and lots of challenges that we had to face but with all of your supports, ideas, suggestions, and interests I did it!

I will be very pleased to stay in touch with all of you and will keep you updated what I will do next and what my plans are but at the moment I do not know and I need some time off…

Today I am sharing some pictures which most are taken by my brother who is a photographer and some I took myself not knowing what I am taking!!! Anyway it is always fun!

So once again thank you so much for your support and most importantly believing in me!!

Please enjoy the photos below!!!

With best regards,


++++++The photos are at

My next goal is to get Kyila’s story out so others know of her past, very important, work…


Year of the Monkey Begins February 8, 2016

2016 AZ Chinese New Year Festival in Tucson

Last week I attended the 2016 AZ Chinese New Year Festival at U of A’s Centennial Hall. It was a beautifully choreographed program with dancers, singers in choirs and a few solos. The martial arts and sword-work were incorporated in some of the dances too. It was a nice experience to see the Tucson Girls Chorus, the Tucson Sino Choir and various Tucson Chinese Schools involved in the performances, along with individual performers from China. (Beyond the program, it was a reminder for me about the history of Chinese immigrants to our country in the late 1870’s.)

If you were unable to celebrate at last week’s festival, know the “Year of the Monkey” continues through to January 27, 2017! I never really understood the Chinese Zodiac signs, except to say my birthdate fell in the “Year of the Dragon” and not sure it is representative of me. Anyway, our tai chi instructor has been teaching us various animal moves and the monkey is the ninth animal in the cycle, so we will probably practice it many times!

Will you be looking for a time or reason to celebrate this year? Keep this one in your back pocket and when ready to celebrate, do so! You have plenty of time to enjoy the Chinese New Year!


Blind Woman Has Vision of Future

The title of today’s blog post is the same title as the China Daily newspaper article written about Kyila’s work. Please check out the article by simply “googling” that title so you can read the newspaper article too!

I continue to respect all Kyila accomplishes as a blind individual having the first “blind massage” center and “kindergarten for visually impaired children”. The newspaper article provides an excellent overview of all that Kyila has worked on these past 12 years.

Want to know more about Kyila’s work? Please check out Kiki’s Kids by clicking Learn more about the kindergarten for the blind!.


Blind Masseuse in Costa Rica

In the north west region of Costa Rica, I had friends enjoy a comfortable and relaxing massage with a blind female masseuse. The setting was perfect. The massage bed was near a flowing river of water, the breeze of air warm, and the fingers of the masseuse were stroking all the right points for a deep Swedish massage.

The young blind woman has been working at the resort for a few years and she came highly recommended by our tour guide; there were no complaints from those who enjoyed an hour massage from her magical, relaxing fingers! And she knew exactly when their hour time of massage was complete so she could then relax till her next client.

I think we have come a long way in understanding that individuals with handicaps can excel in other areas of work, such as this blind masseuse being employed at this resort. Also that paying customers will take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy a massage. Kudos to the positive message masseuses send to the world and to the rest of us knowing a good deal when we feel it deep into our bones!


Know a Hero?

If you missed watching CNN Heroes 2014 TV Special, please be sure to take an hour of your time to watch the program. It was wonderful learning about the ten various goodwill, humanitarian projects accomplished by caring, giving individuals around the world. Their passion, energy, and commitment to solve a concern was tremendous and often involves others who volunteer to help the cause. Even the recognized young people were amazing! Thanks to each and every hero mentioned on the program. This program is a great reminder to all of us … we can always do a little something to help another in need, or something more than little! Right? Let’s go!

World Hello Day …coming soon… may hear about it on the TV news!

World Hello Day is about simply greeting ten people with a “hello”. It is to remind ourselves of the importance to resolve conflicts via personal communication, thus preserving peace in our part of the world. If the entire world could accomplish this, personal communication to resolve conflicts, we may have a different world. Please do your part. Thanks for helping out!