Become Involved!

People sometimes ask me: how has Kyila and her program been helped in the past few years? How can I become involved? Well,  involvement comes in various ways.

Education: We all need gentle reminders to help one another. No one is perfect. We all have what may be considered a disability or a “wish I could be better at” …, but we do not usually let it stop us from accomplishing what we wish to do. Right? So, maybe we can all reinforce the abilities of all people, including blind people or others we may perceive as handicapped! Specifically regarding blind individuals, people read my blog to see how the children at Kiki’s Kids are growing.

Communication: Appreciatively, I receive information from Kyila and keep interested friends and family aware of her work with Kiki’s Kids. Often I have written Kyila to say, I wish you were located around the nearest corner, but it will never happen, darn. If you can share this blog with others to help me get the word out, that would be greatly appreciated.

Local Support…and some not so local: People have donated money to me so I could ship boxes of knitted hats and scarves, socks, first aid supplies, etc. and even chocolate! One shipment included small white canes. Next shipment will be on its way in the fall of 2014 with items you will read about in the blog. Stay connected! Read all about it; become a blog follower!

Monies have also been donated through Global Roots when earmarked for Kiki’s Kids. Those monies have helped pay for operating costs and larger equipment needs. Donations are continually needed … Kiki’s Kids, a pre-school kindergarten – the first of its kind for blind and sighted, 3 – 5 year olds – is not going away. Kyila has more children to educate in her integrated kindergarten. Let’s give her a helping hand!

The mind is everything. What you think you become.  — Buddha

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