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I am a retired NYS school administrator who enjoys playing lots of tennis in Arizona and taking time to travel the world. I always wanted to see the Himalayan Mountains. I did get my opportunity to trek to Everest Base Camp and see Mount Everest thanks to a supportive school community I was part of in 2001 while a middle school administrator.

Years later a variety of things happened. I saw the movie “Blindsight”, traveled to China in 2009, and then to China and Tibet in 2010. As a result of the movie, I searched out the Center for the Blind in Lhasa, Tibet and met Kyila. She told me her background and about her dream. I immediately recognized her as one of the young blind students in the film.  As a retired educator I continue to know the power of education. I offered to help her in any way I could … not really knowing what that would be.

My first blog about Kyila, Blindsight in Tibet,  documents the path taken by Kyila from 2010 till now. She shared information with me and I provided information from my travel journal when in Tibet. I hope readers feel they are part of an on-going educational project and can provide that information and/or this new blog to others.

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2 thoughts on “About the Author”

    1. I am in Spain at the moment and to my surprise I received email from Kyila and this article from you! Thank you! It was an excellent article. This move is so important for the welfare of her children.

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